Customer Relationship Management Platform

Customer Relationship Management Platform

Manage Leads, Customers, Orders, Products, and much more

Complete solutions for online commerce and lead management

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Front End Commerce Solution

Online Commerce Solutions

Front-end shopping solutions for mobile.

Front-end shopping solutions for mobile and tablet devices
Flexible Product Management
Order Management
Content Management

Complete solutions for online commerce.

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Campaign Tracking
Campaign Tracking
Campaign Tracking
Campaign Tracking

PPC & SEO Campaign Tracking

Marketing decisions based on real data trends.

Import data using manaual entry, database, API, or CSV files
Report on data from multiple campaign sources
Roll up historical data from multiple campaigns
Generate PDF reports and schedule them to be emailed
Generate alerts based on data thresholds

Complete marketing solutions.

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Customization Screenshot

Easy to Use, Easy to Understand

Simple navigations
Customize fields for leads, clients, and events
Build customized forms to collect leads
Build custom sales process for sales team
Manage user accounts and access rights
Generate leads and escalate them through the sales process
Manage client purchases and orders

CRM Platform built for commerce.

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  • Analytics Consultation

    We stay updated with all the new features in the Analytics world to help you leverage as much as possible in a constantly changing industry.

  • Landing Page Development

    Let us help you convert your traffic using proven methods and calls to action that are tested and proven.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We start with a plan of optimizing your website design, content presentation, and then determine which set of keywords are best for your business.

  • Pay Per Click Management

    The success of PPC strongly depends on the use of customized landing pages and Analytics packages that measure the success.